Private Training

  •   1 – $140
  • 10 – $1200
  • 20 – $2200
  • INTRO Pack 4 Private Sessions – $320

This option is for individuals who seek personalized attention.

Call 970-404-1022 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

**Prices vary depending on location.

Phoenix Fitness is a group of Personal Trainers interested in your well being.  We promote a lifestyle of health and longevity that will help you achieve your goals and dreams while having fun.

Phoenix Fitness offers sport specific training for skiing, cycling, and golf.  We also offer fitness programs specifically for Women, Balance, Agility, Speed and Quickness.

We utilize the OPT model for all routines.  This is a progressive model starting with Flexibility.  Then progressing to joint Stability, muscle Strength and Power development.

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Phoenix Fitness
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