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Shawn Hunsberger

Since 1992 Shawn Hunsberger has called the Roaring Fork Valley his home.  As a product of moving here, Shawn has become passionate about snowboarding, mountain biking and cycling.  Through participation in these activities, he has discovered and pursued his passion for exercise and the outdoors.  In 2004 Shawn became a certified personal trainer and started his business, Phoenix Fitness.  Shawn is an avid proponent of proper posture and conditioning.  After reviewing your goals, Shawn does an hour long assessment to uncover strengths and limiters in order to determine the best approach for each client.

“The satisfaction I have received from helping my clients is what motivates me to be the best trainer I can be.”

Elevating the health and well-being of humanity.

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Phoenix Fitness
35 Park Ave. Ste 150
Basalt, CO 81621