Uphill Training!

Meet us at 9:30am at the Tiehack Lift Parking lot.  Personal Trainer Jen Mendez will lead and coach the group up the mountain. Learn the proper form and technique on what it takes to get up the mountain, whether your racing or just having fun for a good cause.

Must have:

  • Stabilizers, snow shoes or skinning gear – not sure how much of the snow will melt between now and then… so stabilizers might be best cause can carry them until hit snow.  Uphill not so bad but down-hill the stabilizers even more important for traction as coming down in snow.
  • Water bottle or hydration pack — gotta be self-supported in race so same for training.
  • Poles – Optional
  • Sunglasses – snow glare gets bright

Please call us at 510-5121 with any questions.  See you there!

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