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Amanda Wagner

Born and raised in Glenwood Springs, I can appreciate the Valley and all the great things it has to offer. I have spent years playing basketball and soccer, running, skiing, hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, road biking, alpine and backcountry skiing and water skiing.

Realizing quickly the only way to enjoy what you love to do is to keep the focus on stability, strength and endurance. When I lost that focus coming out of college I experienced 5 years of injury after injury, sometimes resulting in surgery.

I was forced to cut back on what I loved to do because I did not have time to focus on my body. I understood that while I had the time, I chose not to devote it to maintaining my strength and health. I believe we all need to have realistic and attainable goals: you can eat what you want and do what you love!

If you think you can you will – mind over matter!

One of my favorite sayings is: Chance favors the prepared mind and body. If you are prepared for failure, you will probably fail. But if you are prepared to hike that fourteener or run that marathon, you will. The more you prepare yourself for all those obstacles and adventures in life, the more enjoyment you will get in return. So start preparing!

Certified AFAA Level 1 Personal Trainer

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