Alpe D’Huez Challenge on the PowerTap Bike at Phoenix Fitness

Alpe D’Huez Challenge

Race against your self Race against your team

2 hour challenge-can YOU go the distance

Friday Happy Hour
5:30-7:30 PM

February 18, March 4, March 18

$45 per session
$115 for the series

*Motivating, pounding music is the terrain*

Just you
Your heart
Your commitment
Your Guts
Your Pace

The winner: Climb to the top…………………highest average watts per kg of weight-2 hour spread

Big Prizes: Unexceptional trophy Sweat and Tears Major Bragging Rights…………………Priceless

*Same road (ie Music) for each session, “preview” the terrain.
**4 person min-6 person max.

Pre-register by Thursday at 6PM prior to Friday start.

Do It Harder-Do It Smarter-Age Strong Now-Be Strong Now!

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