What is PowerTap Bike Training?

What is PowerTap?

PowerTap is the sensor or gauge used to measure your Power. Power is the amount of energy used in a given period of time and is measured as a Watt. As a point of reference, 1 horsepower is equal to 746 Watts.  Some professional cyclists can sustain 400+ Watts for 30 minutes. PowerTaps provide an objective measurement or real output that allows training progress to be tracked very simply – something that is more difficult when using, for example, a heart rate monitor alone – basically they monitor power when cycling.  The PowerTap does not change the basics of training; it allows you to quantify it. Training with a PowerTap makes it easy to identify gains and losses in fitness. Overtime, you can literally watch the changes and maximize training efficiency.

The Phoenix Fitness PowerTap program follows a progressive periodization schedule that will get you Fitter, a frame of reference for getting Faster and a measuring tool for going Further by increasing endurance, developing muscle mass and creating a solid foundation for you to build on.  Whether your goals are to achieve weight loss, a new level of fitness or peak performance, participating in this program will help you achieve your ideal fitness level and goals. PowerTap is suitable for all fitness levels and goals.

The first thing every person needs to do is a PowerTap test, which is a 20 minute time trail test. From this test we will be able to calculate the student’s personal Zones 1-5. Each bike has a computer on it that reads personal watts (power), calories burned (Kilojoules), Heart Rate (everyone will wear a heart monitor), and Cadence (revolutions per minute).

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Why Train with Power?

One of the premier cutting-edge training tools for performance minded cyclists and athletes. Just remember it all comes down to balancing how much work you do with your body’s response. Having a constant measure of power helps you:

  • Establish your baseline fitness.
  • Accurately measure even the smallest fitness gains.
  • Quantify intensity, duration and frequency – instead of guessing.
  • Prevent over training.
  • Accurately measure energy use for nutrition planning.
  • Pace properly for time trials or set yourself up for a successful run.
POWER (watts) =TORQUE (how hard you pedal)


CADENCE (how fast you pedal)

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